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Elaine Seward

Motion Designer

I’m Elaine–a Portland, OR based creator. Video production and motion design are my jam, but I can work a camera like it’s nobody's business. Having an idea and sitting me behind my computer is my happy place.

With 8+ years experience and a formal background in digital media, film, editing, animation, and scripting writing, you’d better believe I can make a damn good video. So good, in fact, that they’ve generated tens of millions of views on YouTube alone, and some have aired on NBC’s Today Show. And some of my videos and script writing have won me a few awards. 

Due to my public relations success running the Reactions social media efforts, I have received top honors from the Women in Washington Public Relations for my impact in the science communication industry. My social media achievements have lead to me being invited to give ticketed talks about social media and Youtube at the National Press Club in DC and the PR News Social Media Conference in New York City.


Outside of making pictures that move, I love music, cooking, traveling and stand up comedy. I'm always down to grab a beer and will get there even quicker if the bar is serving an IPA from the west coast. 

Check out my site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have–thanks for being here!

Elaine Seward IPA

Me sipping on an IPA--it's okay to be jealous

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